28/7/2017 | Postmuslim | Classically

By Whiskey Radish

Abu Nayif the Çorbacı said:

Thank God, and bless His messenger. May the light of His mercy guide your heart to my meaning, fellow Endarkenment-beset libtard. For, white though you may be or eternally North-bound, it is to your contemplation that I submit my case. National and religious boundaries notwithstanding. And not to that of the wingnuts or the fundies, may He bring down their houses.

Today I weather the first moon in a cycle that, with the All-Merciful’s permission, shall remain indefinitely in rotation. If you have followed me, therefore, let me make so bold as to hope that I have not offended or bored you enough to forfeit the honour of your company.

This being the fourth Friday, the time has come to sum up, expound and draw connections. For that shall be the aim of every fourth column. To spell out and delineate the title of the whole month’s theme: in this case, “Contraliberal”.

This being the first fourth Friday, however, I shall say only a few things:

That the scatterbrained diversity of the first piece is meant to demarcate the territory, that’s all;

That the dissing of the liberal left which follows is simply to show that taking a Postmuslim position requires more than simply going along with multiculturalism and political correctness. To be a true Postmuslim, you cannot even be a moderatist. Because the more moderate you are the easier it will be to bring you back into the consumerist fold. And divest your perspective of any substance;

And that, with such musings thus clarified, I pray that my overall purpose and method will be better apprehended. And my no doubt unpardonable faults looked on with leniency.

I remain a nonentity newspaperman, after all. Yet, in starting “Postmuslim” — driven by my supernatural experiences — I have taken on a burden of considerable complication. For, placing brick upon weekly brick, I intend to form monthly building blocks like the present, Contraliberal series. And, thinking in terms of an ever greater number of blocks as they accumulate, I intend to see how — reacting and interacting — they will combine into a larger architecture. If I play the devil’s advocate, therefore, or if I seem to contradict myself, it is only to tease out the subtleties. To explore the mysterious implications.

By these means it is my intention to attempt a definition of the contentious compound. To do so, specifically, on the internet, the better to spread a mental microbe of whose long-term benefits I am convinced. And to do so not with a view to arriving at a clear conclusion or building a solid edifice but in the hope of laying out timid and tentative concourses for conversation.

Because — so my supernatural experience tells me — defining “Postmuslim” is not only a long and laden labour but also a changeable and collective one. Even at a purely theoretical level, to bring the Islamic identity (back) into the contemporary world while holding onto the values of the Enlightenment is not easy. But perhaps the process can start with the flailing of a mad journalist. Guided by titles.